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CPU, memory, disk space usage monitoring at dock icon

Stater: A Dock Icon System Monitoring App

Stater is an application that displays system parameters (i.e. CPU, memory, and drive space usage charts), directly in the dock icon. Besides four icon views, the dock menu contains detailed information about CPU, memory, drive space usage, and top processes.

Stater has no windows or menubar icons. All control, including settings, takes place via the dock icon and dock menu.

Available on the Mac App Store

No Redundant Information

Four dock icon views contain all basic system parameter charts: CPU, memory, drive space usage, and even a top-process icon in multi-core view during high CPU usage - everything you need for everyday use.

If you need more complete information, just open the dock menu. The dock menu contains numerical data, top processes by CPU, and memory usage, as well as quick access to basic system tools.

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Four dock icon system monitoring views

Plain Today Calendar: Notification Center Calendar Widget

Plain Today Calendar application provides Notification Center Calendar Widget for your Mac.

Available on the Mac App Store

Additional features include: the Basic Date Calculator, which allows users to add or subtract periods of time from certain dates and includes a business-day counter; and the Date Difference Calculator.

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Plain Today Calendar